All About Convenience

Convenience is the biggest seller for most people looking to stay in luxury apartment communities. They look for their amenities to be able to make something simpler or easier for their lives. Well, look no further. The community of Preserve at Gateway Park has amenities that will help all of our residents in many different areas. We believe that amenities are important features, community wide, that allow for our residents to work towards goals, handle task or chores, and help you relax.

One of our most enjoyed amenities is our 24 hour fitness center that can handle the fitness goals all of our residents. We know that everyone has a different schedule and that is why we keep it open for those who can’t keep a traditional scheduled workout routine. Along with this great fitness center we also have an on-site personal trainer to give our residents the maximum effect of their workout and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Laundry is a chore that can be pertinent at any time. That is why we keep our laundry room open 24 hours. This way no matter what time you realize you need that shirt or blouse for tomorrow, you can get it dealt with in close proximity to your home. This is one of the amenities that is crucial to helping you finish your chores or tasks.

We are also a pet friendly luxury apartment community. So, bring your furry friends along with you when you choose us. We are currently developing a dog park for all of our canine lovers to be able to enjoy.

When you get a glimpse of the view of the mountains that we have, you are going to find out how relaxing it can be to be so close to such a natural beauty.

Call and schedule an appointment today to speak with one of us about moving into our luxury apartment community!