Beauty on the Inside

There are many communities who believe that a fresh coat of paint will help the beauty of their community. Although it may make the exterior look like brand new, it still leaves the units with a lot more to be desired. This why here at the luxury apartment homes of The Preserve at Greenway Park, in Casper, WY, know that you must also provide beauty within. We actually take it a step further and provide luxury as well as beauty in our apartment units. This really makes a difference to our residents and it is worthwhile to go over and highlight some of the luxury amenities that they get to enjoy.

Starting from the Ground

One of the luxuries that many don’t realize, until they have it and loose it or have it after never having at all, is the flooring throughout the unit. In our luxury apartment units, we have plush carpeting in most of the area. This is great for cold weather and helps warm the unit and your feet. The ceramic tile entrance flooring gives this unit an extra extravagant feel. The wood flooring in the kitchen area allows for easy upkeep and more time for using the kitchen for all of your cooking needs.

Enjoy The Luxury

Keeping our luxury apartment units beautiful on the inside provides more than just the visual appeal. With us, you get a great amount of amenity as well. The black appliances in the kitchen not only look sleek and modern they are also highly functional. The large garden tubs we have allows for our residents to enjoy soaking in space that many don’t get to experience when it comes to bathtubs. To top it off we have an artisan stone fire place that will not only impress your friends but also provide warmth in those cold winter months.

If you are ready to live in a luxury community that has units that are beautiful inside and out call or come by our office today!

Greenway Park- August 26 IMAGE