Complete lifestyle amenities

The Preserve at Greenway Park luxury apartment homes in Casper Wyoming were designed with your ideal luxury lifestyle in mind. Here you will find all the luxury apartment home and community amenities to fulfill your desires. With multiple floorplans available you are certain to find the perfect livable space.

You are free to choose the floorplan to suite your personal tastes, complete with the amenities that make the day to day enjoyment of life a real ease. But what about the amenities you want in your community, to really make your luxury apartment community feel like home. Here the Preserve at Greenway Park has exceled by always keeping you in mind in every detail.

After a long day, you just want to relax. You’re driving home, you see the sky is partly cloudy and a perfect sunset is in the making. But now you’re torn, do you just head up to your luxury apartment to relax and miss the sunset? No way. Here, you can have the best of both worlds. Pop in for a quick change and head outside in time to watch the sunset from either of the two heated pools. Or you can sit and soak it all in from the amazing hot tub.

When you aren’t relaxing and are ready for some serious personal maintenance, you can access the twenty four hour fitness center and get in your weights or cardio. A great place for cardio is the specialized cycling room, giving you an option other than pounding the pavement on your jog.

Preserve at Greenway Park pic June 24