Giving You Great Amenity

Having luxury community amenities that allow our residents to enjoy living a little bit more is one of the staples of our community. Here, at the luxury community of The Preserve at Greenway Park, located in Casper, WY, we like to make sure that our residents have access to luxury amenities that alleviates some of the time that chores can take away and also help enjoy our wonderful community. Many other communities miss out on this important aspect. That is why this is a subject we feel strongly about and we believe that once you have a chance to witness this for yourself, you will see the importance as well. Read on, if you want to know how luxury community amenities improve the living of our residents.

Luxury Utility Amenities

The first utility amenity that we will talk about is our 24-hour laundry room. With this community amenity, there is no more need to have to plan out going to the laundry mat to do your laundry which will allow you more time at home and in your community. Our business center is another luxury amenity that brings utility to our residents. In this area you are able to fax, copy, and research anything you are needing. This is great for those needing to do a little work away from home and event those doing school projects. The work atmosphere provided is perfect for getting your tasks done.

Letting You Live a Little More

We have some luxury amenities in our community that helps you live a little more. Our 2 heated pools and hot tub helps you relax no matter what the weather. We also provide a coffee bar for our residents to enjoy. Our 2 lounge areas are great for meeting with other residents, reading, or lounging in luxury. With our 24-hour fitness center and on site personal trainer we give our residents the opportunity to reach their desired fitness goals as well.

Now you can see how having great amenities has a positive effect on our residents. If you are ready to move into a luxury community that provides great amenity and gives you more chances to live come by or call today!

Greenway Park- August 19 IMAGE