Late Night Laundry and More

I work long, odd hours so there are many normal activities I can’t do at normal times. That can sometimes make life a bit challenging but not here at the Preserve at Greenway Park luxury apartments. This place operates on my schedule, with amenities open for my use and enjoyment when I need them.


3 a.m. on a Sunday night/Monday morning is the best time to do laundry, and thankfully, the laundry room here is open 24/7. I can get off my night shift at 2 a.m., come home, throw my pile of scrubs in the wash and my entire wardrobe is dried and fluffed in no time. And there’s no one else around to see my doing my laundry in my pajamas!


My favorite time to workout is also in the wee small hours of the morning. I have my choice among all the machines and pieces of equipment and I don’t have to worry if my lunges aren’t entirely graceful.


With my weird hours, you could probably guess I’m a coffee fiend. Along with great local coffee shops like Metro Coffee Company, I’m also a big fan of the java in the Preserve at Greenway Park’s own coffee bar. It’s so much better than anything I make myself.


The Preserve at Greenway Park is a great place to live no matter your lifestyle, 9 to 5, swing shift or graveyard hours. And these luxury apartments will make your waking hours and the ones you sleep comfortable and fun. Check out this community today!